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Business Consulting

Business Growth

Growing a business doesn't have to be hard. You too can grow your company by 20% or more year over year, without sacrificing your bottom line or free time. I have led several companies through revenue growth, while also growing the bottom line. More importantly, before having started my own company, I have worked in business development and sales for nearly a whole decade. I have sold everything from insurance policies, to financial services, to cell phone towers all the way to franchise businesses. Let me show you how you can grow your business and how to make it look easy. 

Business Meeting

Technology and Automation

I grew up with technology. During my career before having started my own company, I already utilized technology to be more efficient in my roles. Once I started working on my own businesses, it became clear quickly, I'm building a tech company and make traditional methods and processes more efficient. As I started consulting, one thing I noticed quickly is that many people are not familiar with automation and AI, how to implement technology to make their lives and business processes easier and more streamlined or believe that doing any of this will cost a fortune. I can show you how to automate and implement AI in your business on any budget, no matter your industry. 

Startup and Fundraising

I could throw around some stats that show how unlikely it is for a new business to survive beyond year five. You already know all of those stats, but still decided to launch your business, so let's make sure your business doesn't become just a statistic. New businesses are a constant struggle between compromise and promise. Raising angel and VC funding is oftentimes a necessity and time is usually going against you. I have navigated those waters many times. In 2015 I sold a startup I worked on for only a year - that sale financed my immigration to Canada and provided seed funding for what became Tunedly. Since having started Tunedly, I raised over $1.5M in equity funding and over $150,000 in government grants. Let me help you achieve your startup goals as well. 

Public Speaker
Above the Clouds

Business Immigration to North America

Are you in Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa but would like to take advantage of business friendly climate in North America? I have traveled that path, being originally from Germany, I now permanently reside in North America. I am very familiar with business immigration to the U.S. and to Canada. I am not an immigration consultant, therefore help in that regard is out of my scope. However, I can help you to set up your business properly for a business immigration stream, help with business plan writing based on given parameters, help with referring you to the right places for your immigration needs and guide you on your way to North America. 


"Chris has been most helpful, a bit of a sounding board for me. He knows what works and what doesn't, especially in an online world. Chris has had a lot of experience online and it is most helpful. He pushes me when I need it, and we all need a kick in the butt every once in a while. With Chris's business acumen and his success of the past, he's certainly been a great help to me."

Steve Dimond

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