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About Me

I am here to help you succeed! 

Thank you for checking out my website and your interest in working with me. I am an entrepreneur, business advisor, speaker and private pilot. 

In 2015, I, alongside my beautiful wife Mylène Besançon co-founded Tunedly, one of the market leaders when it comes to online music recording for songwriters. We essentially created a recording studio in the cloud. Additionally, we developed a new way to identify potential hits and reward fans for identifying promising artists through an innovative music discovery tool that makes use of blockchain technology.


Another company we founded in 2020 is called Bring My Song To Life, which creates custom songs for special occasions, utilizing AI to create the lyrics, music and even vocals, fully automating the song creation process. 

I raised angel and venture funding, as well as government grants for the businesses. Being originally from Germany, my company enabled me to immigrate to North America, where I obtained my private pilot's license in 2019. The reason I mention this is because, I truly believe having obtained this license and flying my aircraft made me a better, more organized and structured business person due to the processes and skills learned from piloting. 

By 2020, I was able to automate and outsource a large portion of my own businesses, which allowed me to get into business consulting. To date, I have worked with over 40 businesses from across the U.S., Canada and the world, helping them with automation, AI integration, fundraising, business immigration, sales and to become better executives, founders and entrepreneurs. 

Now, tell me a bit about yourself. Grab 15 minutes on my calendar HERE to tell me about your business, goals or just to say "hi". 

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Why work with me?

Having an advisor by your side, be it for 5 hours per month or 20 hours per month is beneficial to any business, regardless of industry, stage or location. As a business owner, you are so involved in your company, in many cases an outside perspective can unlock tremendous potential. Having an extra pair of highly experienced eyes and hands can speed up projects significantly. I practice what I preach, at my own companies, I have several advisors who I meet with on a regular basis. I work with these advisors for their industry knowledge, tech knowledge and their network, which is always a great source of referrals. 

But why pick me over some business consulting firm? I have worked at a large business consulting firm myself in the past. One thing I realized quickly was that hiring an advisor through a firm has no benefits to clients, if anything, it might actually have a negative affect. When I still worked at the consulting firm, my clients only got me, just like you would when hiring me independently. However, my clients paid my hourly rate, in addition to the firm's rate which can be as high as a 100% markup. Continuity is something firms oftentimes put forward, claiming if the advisor leaves, another advisor can pick up where things were left off. In reality, this rarely happens. When I left the firm, every single one of my clients terminated their contract with the firm, because at the end of the day, they hired the firm to work with me specifically in the first place. 

Additionally, all my contracts are month to month. There is no minimum term, hours are always flexible and if you have questions, concerns or need support, you'll reach me, not a call center agent or secretary. On the flip side, I can only take on a limited number of clients and will vet you as a client as much as you will vet me as an advisor. I only work with business owners and entrepreneurs I truly believe I can help. 

To summarize, the benefits of having an advisor are numerous and working with me directly, instead of hiring a consulting firm results in a more flexible and cost effective working relationship, if you think that I am indeed the right advisor for your needs. How can we find out if I am the right advisor? Schedule a 15 - minute call with me HERE to find out. 

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