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Welcome To Canada

If your goal is to immigrate to Canada, become a Permanent Resident and maybe even a citizen of this great nation, you have come to the right place. I immigrated to Canada in 2016, became a permanent resident in 2017 and I am soon becoming a Canadian citizen. How did I do this? Through the Startup Visa Program! And since I came to Canada, I have helped countless other immigrants to also immigrate and settle in Canada. Now it is time to help you as well! 

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Why Canada?

- Stable political climate

- Stable currency and economy

- Free healthcare for residents and citizens

- Free primary education

- Heavily discounted higher education

- Friendly business environment 

- Access to business funding

- Proximity to the United States

- Cheap international and domestic travel

- Low business and personal taxes

- Highly developed country

- Living the North American Dream

Why the Startup Visa?

- No education requirements

- No age restrictions

- Bring the entire family (spouse & kids)

- Easily obtainable

- Work permit prior to PR

- No minimum investment requirement

The Startup Visa program is a great way to immigrate to Canada. The program started in 2013, which means it's one of the newest immigration paths to come to Canada. As a new immigration program, it has some unique features other pathways don't offer, some of which are mentioned above. In addition, no employment is needed and applicants can move to Canada as soon as three months after submitting their application. The program doesn't require minimum investment or minimum net-worth amounts, making it very accessible. Lastly, the approval rate for startup visas is over 75%, making this one of the easiest permanent residency programs currently offered by Canada. 


- Be in good health

- Have no criminal record

- No past immigration violations

- Innovative business idea (I will help you)

- Growing the business (I will help you)

- Letter of Support (I will help you)

How I Will Help You

If you already have a business, I will help you make the business Startup Visa eligible. If you do not have a business idea, I will help you to come up with an eligible business idea. I will help you create all necessary documents to obtain a letter of support from a designated organization, in which I have several personal connections. 

Once the letter of support is issued, my immigration advisor partner will help you with your immigration application forms for your permanent residency and temporary work permit. While waiting for the Startup Visa approval, I, along with my entire team, will help you with building and growing your startup in Canada, making sure your application has the best possible chance of success. 

Cost & Guarantees

The cost of immigration varies based on the required involvement, complexity of your startup idea and number of applicants/co-founders in your business. Payment is due based on milestones reached and I guarantee successful immigration to Canada with a 100% money back guarantee if your application is rejected based on business reasons. 

Due to a large volume of requests, I cannot reply to everyone. I only have the capacity to work with 3-4 clients per year. To see if you qualify, please fill out the below application. 

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